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DRC Staff
Donna Ramlow, Executive Director  x5003
Nancy Kanan, Contracts/Finance  x5002
Susan Hamilton, Marketing/Public Relations  x1003

Orange County
DRC 210 East Main Street Middletown NY 10940  855-815-0052 fax

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Coordinators
Marie Perry-Edwards  x1002
Brenda Jobe, Community Mediation & Volunteer Management  x1001
Susan Hamilton, Couples Mediation  x1003

School & Youth Programs
Brenda Jobe, Parent Education x1006
Barbara Driscoll, Youth Trainer and Parent Educator  contact Brenda  x1006
Nancy Kanan, Basketball for Life  x5002  finance

Parent Visit Coach Program
Dawn Colby, Parent Visit Coach  x1007
Vanessa, Parent Visit Coach x1008
Courtney, Parent Visit Coach  x1009

Rodney Rogers, Parent Visit Coach Assistant 
Michael Ellicott, Parent Visit Coach Assistant 

Court Appointed Special Assistants (CASA) of Orange County
Chelsea Paterson x1004

Orange County Contact Form

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