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DRC Staff
Donna Ramlow, Executive Director  845-343-8082 x100
Nancy Kanan, Contracts/Finance  845-551-1451
Susan Hamilton, Marketing/Public Relations  845-343-8082 x101

Orange County
DRC 210 East Main Street Middletown NY 10940  845-343-8082 tel   855-815-0052 fax

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Coordinators

Marie Perry-Edwards, Family Mediation  845-343-8082 x107
Angela Francis, Community Mediation & Volunteer Management  845-343-8082 x106
Susan Hamilton, Couples Mediation  845-343-8082 x101

School & Youth Programs
Barbara Driscoll, Youth Trainer & Parent Educator  845-343-8082 x103

Parent Visit Coach Program
Dawn Colby, Parent Visit Coach  845-343-8082 x104
Precious McDonald, Parent Visit Coach 845-343-8082 x105
Roxan Denton-Lotts, Parent Visit Coach  845-343-8082

Rodney Rogers, Parent Visit Coach Assistant  845-343-8082
Anibal Rios, Jr., Parent Visit Coach Assistant 845-343-8082

Michael Ellicott, Parent Visit Coach Assistant  845-343-8082

Court Appointed Special Assistants (CASA) of Orange County
Chelsea Paterson, CASA Director  845-343-8082 x102

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