Our Team

Call 845-372-8771 for DRC in Orange, Putnam, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties. 
Enter “1,” then the extension of the staff member you are trying to reach.
Donna Ramlow, Executive Director  x5004
Nancy Kanan, Finance  x5002

ADR – Mediation

Jolynn Dunn, ADR Regional x5001

Brenda Jobe, ADR Coordinator x1001

Marie Perry-Edwards, ADR Coordinator x1002

Hans Schlange, ADR Coordinator x2001


Emanuel Sepulveda, CASA Regional  x1003

Tess Martin, CASA Ulster County x4002

Parent Visit Coaching

Dawn Colby, Parent Visit Coach Coordinator x1006

Toni Hoffman, Parent Visit Coach x1007

Michael Ellicott, Assistant Parent Visit Coach x1006

Anthony McKinney, Assistant Parent Visit Coach x1006

Rodney Rogers, Assistant Parent Visit Coach x1006

Jennifer Trinidad, Parent Time x3005

Parent Education

Brenda Jobe,  x1001

Parents Apart / E-learning

Miriam Frankl,  x1005

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