Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a Mediation Request Form on this site, or call Jolynn at 845-372-8771 x5001. A Coordinator will call you to gather more information, reach out to the other person, and schedule a mediation session if needed.
Mediation sessions are currently conducted on Zoom. We provide all participants with a meeting link as well as information on how to access the Zoom app on all compatible devices. A staff member is available to help anyone who needs assistance with setting up Zoom. If requested by a party, we may be able to conduct a mediation session in person. This can be discussed with the Coordinator on the case.
We block out two hours for each session, but the actual time will vary on how many issues need to be discussed and how strongly the parties disagree with each other. If more time is needed, additional sessions can be scheduled.
At the DRC, cases which are referred by family and small claims courts are free of charge. Self-referred cases are charged an admin fee only of $30 from each party; the mediation sessions are free of charge. The standard rate for divorce mediation is $300 per hour, split evenly between both parties..
Yes, we utilize the "share screen" option on Zoom to allow parties and the mediator to show documents and see the agreement as it is written up.
The staff member who starts the meeting will ensure that only those parties who have signed consent forms and been approved to join will be present. Anyone else will be removed from the session.
Yes, all our mediation sessions are confidential. We require that all mediations take place in a private setting with no one around to hear any part of the conversation. Also, no information is given to the court regarding the discussion which took place in mediation, and our mediators cannot be subpoenaed to testify in court.
No, our parties are not provided with contact information for their mediator, and vice versa. All discussions are held in session only. If parties need assistance outside of mediation, their Case Coordinator will do their best to provide that.
No, attorneys are not necessary in the mediation process as the parties are encouraged and empowered to make their own decisions as to how to work out their dispute. If parties feel it is necessary, they may consult with an attorney after an agreement has been drafted but before signing the document. If a party would like their attorney to attend mediation, this can be discussed with the Case Coordinator.
All of our mediators are trained in 40 hours of basic mediation, plus the court apprenticeship which requires several sessions of observation and then co-mediating with more experienced mediators. Mediators who work with specialty cases such as custody/visitation or parent/child have completed additional intensive training in that particular specialty.
The mediator will draft the agreement and it will be sent through Dropbox Sign to all parties for electronic signatures. If your case is court referred, we will send a copy of the signed agreement to the referring court before your next hearing.
Yes. Mediation is a voluntary process and, although everyone is encouraged to participate in this informal and easy process, any party is free to decline a mediation request, or to end a session once the process is no longer working for them.
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