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City of Kingston Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program

Mayor Steven T. Noble is pleased to announce that the City of Kingston has launched a Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program.

The Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program offers free and confidential assistance from a trained, neutral mediator for landlord/tenant conflicts in Kingston. The mediation process is designed to resolve conflict without having to escalate disagreements to Housing Court.

If you are experiencing a landlord/tenant conflict in the City of Kingston, you can get free and confidential assistance from a trained, neutral mediator. A mediator can help resolve your conflict without having to go to housing court. During a mediation session, you will sit down with the other party and a mediator will help you find common ground.

Mediation can help resolve conflicts in areas such as:

  • Disputes about rent, including agreements about payment plan for back-owed rent
  • Negotiations between landlords and tenants around potential rent increases
  • Disputes around needed repairs, including maintenance and safety concerns
  • Disputes between tenants/landlords involving commercial leases
  • Disputes between tenants around noise or property use

“We have a housing crisis and are woefully lacking in rental housing, so my office and the housing director are constantly seeking new programs and policies that will help us keep our residents safely housed. This program provides conflict resolution tools outside of the court system, and allows tenants and landlords to bring up concerns in a non-adversarial open communication process, which helps both sides understand where the other party is coming, and to move forward in a positive, productive way.” -Mayor Steven T. Noble, City of Kingston

“The Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program is a safe and proven option for tenants and landlords to work together toward solutions that help prevent displacement. I hope this option will be a valuable resource for landlords and tenants to resolve housing issues.” – Bartek Starodaj, Director of Housing Initiatives

For more information and FAQs about this program, access the City of Kingston’s informational page by clicking here.

To get started, please call Jolynn at 845-372-8771 x5001, or email

Original press release here.

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