Lemon Law Arbitration

Lemon law arbitration is a legal process designed to resolve disputes between consumers and manufacturers regarding defective vehicles, often referred to as “lemons.” When a consumer purchases a new vehicle and experiences persistent defects or malfunctions covered by warranty, lemon laws come into play. These laws vary by jurisdiction but generally provide consumers with certain rights and remedies.

Lemon law arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that aims to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings. It involves an impartial third-party arbitrator who evaluates the evidence presented by both the consumer and the manufacturer. This evidence typically includes documentation of repair attempts, communication between the parties, and expert assessments of the vehicle’s condition.

During the arbitration process, the arbitrator reviews the case and makes a binding decision. If the arbitrator finds on the part of the consumer, a binding decision legally requires the manufacturer to provide compensation, which could involve a vehicle replacement, a refund, or other remedies specified by the lemon law.

Lemon law arbitration offers a more streamlined and expedited way to address lemon law claims compared to traditional litigation. It provides a level playing field for consumers and manufacturers, ensuring that valid complaints are fairly evaluated and resolved.

In partnership with NYSDRA, DRC accepts Lemon Law Arbitration cases.  When a consumer files a complaint about a recently purchased new or used vehicle, DRC is notified by NYSDRA to hold an arbitration hearing. 

The DRC hearing adheres to the Attorney General’s guidelines and arbitration is binding. 

Parties involved pay a filing fee to the Attorney General, however DRC does not charge a fee for the arbitration.

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