Community & Courts

Community & Courts

Community mediation is about helping individuals, community/neighborhood groups, and organizations find solutions without litigation.  It improves community, business and personal relationships through a neutral third party, fact finding, conciliating, facilitating, mediation and arbitration.  Mediation can be court-referred, self-referred or referred by any agency or individual.
What type of conflicts can be handled?

  • animal complaint
  • breach of contract
  • consumer/merchant
  • custody & visitation
  • employer/employee
  • eldercare
  • family problems
  • harassment
  • interpersonal disputes
  • landlord/tenant
  • neighbor/neighbor
  • parent & youth
  • petit larceny
  • property disputes
  • restitution for damages
  • small claims matters
  • theft of services
  • violations of town/city ordinances
  • and many other disagreements…

Benefits of Mediation
With the help of a mediator, people in disagreement can work together to find mutually acceptable solutions.  Mediation is confidential and often helps to transform or restore relationships.  Mediation helps the people involved look forward and focus on positive and healthy outcomes.

Most of DRC’s services are provided at no cost with a one-time administrative fee.  For services that do have fees, they are moderate and affordable.

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