November is Child Safety & Protection Month

The DRC recognizes that the safety of our children is a priority. We offer several programs designed to educate parents and caretakers about the importance of children’s emotional and physical safety, and to assist them in ensuring that their children’s environments are safe. Read more.

  • Parent Time – A space where parents who are referred by the Department of Social Services can bond with their child/ren in a safe and supervised manner.

  • Visit Coach – Another DSS-referred program in which coaches are trained to prepare, encourage, and support parents when visiting with their child/ren who are in foster care.

  • CASA – Community volunteers who advocate on behalf of a child who is in out-of-home placement. The ultimate goal of CASA is for children to grow up in safe and healthy family homes.

  • Family Solutions – A 24/7 hotline that families in conflict can call or text to receive immediate assistance in diffusing the conflict, and referrals to programs that can help stabilize the family dynamics.

  • Parents Apart – This educational program teaches separated parents how to co-parent effectively and focus on their child/ren’s mental and emotional health during a separation.

  • Parent/Youth Mediation – Children and their parents or caregivers can have a conversation, guided by a professionally trained mediator, about their needs in the family structure, how those needs can best be fulfilled, and some practical solutions to make that happen.

  • Custody/Visitation Mediation – Parents are given the opportunity to work out a parenting plan that is healthy, balanced, and satisfies everyone’s needs for time with their child/ren. Keeping children safe and supported is a priority when working out these arrangements.
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